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This community was created as a haven for the dark side of the Saiyuki fandom. Fanfic, fanart and discussion are welcome.

What is darkfic?

Darkfic is often disturbing in content, involving such themes as death and great emotional/physical pain. In order to broaden the scope of the community, angst will also be accepted, as long as it is a major theme of the story -- for example, a story which deals primarily with the aftermath of a traumatic event, without focusing on the event itself. Also acceptable is material featuring kinks which may be considered darker than the norm, such as BDSM, bloodplay, breathplay, non-con, etc.

If you have any suggestions/questions, feel free to comment in this post. The moderators will try to get back to you as soon as possible, and help out in any way they can. :)

You can search in the community using the tags. We organise all fiction/art by author/artist, pairing, and rating.


1) No flaming, rude comments, or bashing. Please be respectful of other members at all times.
2) No off topic posts, quizzes, or memes.
3) Gen, yaoi, het, and yuri are all welcome here. All ratings, pairings and characters are accepted.
4) All posts containing adult content must be f-locked.
5) All content must be either placed under an LJ-cut, or link to your own journal.
6) All posts will be tagged according to author, rating, and characters/pairing. At this time, only mods can add new tags, which will be added as needed.
7) Please use the following posting format:


Have fun, and welcome to the dark side!

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